Renault Dunedin Team Members

Mike Wellington - Dealer Principal

Mike lives in Dunedin with his wife Erin and twin boys Freddie and Ollie which is double the trouble but twice the fun. The family all enjoy taking time out in Wanaka where they spend time in the winter and summer holidays.

Mike has over 25 years of Motorsport history, spending time behind the wheel of many different cars but more recently his pride and joy which is the ex-Hayden Paddon’s green Evo 8, the car that Hayden won his first Rally in.

Mike has a strong connection with Middlemarch as the in-laws live and work in the area, so occasionally he gets his hands dirty on the farm.

Andrew McDougall - Sales Manager

Andrew has worked for Mike for 12 years starting when he was just 20 years old. He’s seen plenty of changes in the industry over time and is now proud to host a leading European franchise at the dealership.

Andrew is a country guy who lives in the city, so he needs to be out in the high country as much as possible

Andrew has a huge loyal fan club after 12 years in the industry at the same dealership all of which he’d call his friends.

He’ll be quick to throw you the keys so you can experience how amazing this Renault brand has become.

Dean Latty - Service Manager

Dean has over 30 years in the motor trade with franchise experience from the UK before he moved to settle in Dunedin 20 years ago.

He has a larger than life personality and a fantastic attitude to go with it. He looks forward to Sundays as that’s when the Corvette comes out!

Dean is very passionate about the Renault product so feel free to ask him any technical questions.

Leith Paterson - Vehicle Preparation

Leith is Renault Dunedin’s all-round champion. From the day your new vehicle arrives he will take care of all the preparation and accessories fit out so your Renault looks sharp. Attention to detail is Leith’s focus so nothing is ever missed. He’ll have your Renault looking like new after each service, he will also be able to answer any questions about your vehicle.

You’ll occasionally see Mike and Leith out mountain biking as they share the same hobby.

Maree Cross - Administration

Maree is the newest member of the Renault family.  Maree is a keen marcher; she is the leader of the team and they were placed 1st at NZ Marching Champs 2019 in the Plate Section.

Maree is also passionate about cars, having owned classics.  Which has been passed down to her 2 teenage boys, Ryan and Jayden.